About Us

Horsewise Wellness is about horses, connection and supporting others in becoming free to explore and enjoy the life they want to live.

Welcome to Horsewise Wellness, I am Erica Olson, the sole cook in the kitchen at this horse-friendly cafe. I have interesting things happening for 2017 and 2018. Please connect if you would like to discuss what interests you. Professional coaching sessions, horse communication courses and retreats are available now. Please read on to learn more.
One on one coaching sessions are available. If you have a goal you would like to work towards with your horse (or outside the barn), you can find your deepest resources through kind, clear connection. You can strengthen your innate abilities in this through professional coaching sessions. Please see the life coaching page for more details. Until I write a proper introduction, to learn about me please visit my linkedin to see if coaching with me is right for you.

Horsewise Communication Basics is a half day course that has had incredibly positive feedback. This course is suitable to horse lovers with any experience level.

Retreats – Many aspects of the horse communication basics course are woven into the retreats in addition to reflective horse activities and delicious food. Please check out the poster that details our last retreat which was first responder specific. In the future there will be retreats for anyone who would like to explore this type of experience in addition to a women’s only, and another front line provider specific gathering. If you are interested, let’s connect and make sure that the retreat you are looking for is available.