Horsewise Communication Basics

Whether you are a horse lover with no horse experience or a seasoned horse person, there is always opportunity to deepen your understanding of horse communication. This focus results in a softer feel that allows you to achieve any outcome with your horses in a way that is enjoyable for all involved. The development of this inner connection can help you lead your life outside the barn as well.

The course is a short but effective and fun way to develop your own sense of horse communication. This will help you in any endeavor with a horse, whether it is to catch, tie, lead, load, handle or generally work around horses. This feel translates into everything you do, and it will impact how effective you are as a rider.

This four hour course is held at Red Lodge Guest Ranch located just west of Bowden, Alberta. The cost is $130 for a minimum 4 participants. Erica Olson is your facilitator for this course. Please see her linkedin for some of the background that has prepared Erica to offer this course and also to provide one to one professional coaching.
Please message Erica Olson on Facebook or email for more course information or to arrange a date (also available from the contact page).

Connect with your powerful inner softness to improve relationships inside the barn and out!