Shed light on what holds you back. Engage your innate intelligence. Embrace your abundant life.

When an intelligent and capable person finds they are not able to create the life they want, coaching can be the catalyst for change…

(here’s what I know: we are all intelligent and capable, even when we don’t believe we are).

Learn how to follow your own direction and trust yourSelf. Whether you are working with horses or developing your life in other arenas, you already have the capacity and knowledge within you – as a coach I can offer guidance as you explore your way to the living the life you want the most – you are your own ultimate guide.

With kindness and curiosity an impossible challenge can become a gift, empowering you with the skills and strength to meet your fully lived life.

When you desire change, the capacity is already within you. I can help you find it and live it.

Let’s explore together!

Session Details


Sessions are available in different formats depending on location.

If you are local there are several in-person options all located west of Bowden. From indoor seated sessions to walking through horses, the environment can support the process. What appeals to you?

Not local or not looking to leave your office? Sessions are very effective by phone or web – test it out, if you haven’t tried it before you might be surprised at how powerful it is (right from your couch).

For 2017 the minimum coaching package is available at a discounted rate: 5 sessions for $300 CDN.

Not sure about coaching? Try a single 45 minute introductory session for $60.

Regular rate is 5 sessions for $400.

Coaching sessions with horses have an additional fee of $20/hour (it goes directly to their care).

Connect if you are ready to try coaching for a change.

A sliding scale is available based on need – please send these requests by email.

To learn more about me, please click the Facebook and LinkedIn links, I look forward to hearing from you!